500 Rupee note Sri Lanka Heritage

500 Rupee 1991-1994 Heritage issue

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) issued for circulation, 500 Rupee Currency Notes in a series of notes that started in 1991 on theme Sri Lanka Heritage.

500 Rupee note Sri Lanka Heritage

500 Rupee note Sri Lanka Heritage- Back Side

Basic Details

Theme Sri Lanka Heritage
Colors Front – Brown with Pink, Blue, Yellow and Orange in background
Back – Brown with Green leaves background decorate.
Front Landscape
Two Drummers on right, Moonstone above decorate in lower center with smaller Kandyan dancer on left with Bo-tree above with six petal flower shape on left. Side view of Makara facing right on bottom left.
Back Portrait
Ruwanveliseya Dagaba in background with, with two Cataliya Orchid flowers in foliage at Bottom. On upper panel Divided Stork-billed KingFisher with Fish in beak on branch with leaves. Six petal flower top left of center of lower panel.
Sequrity Thread

Thin polyester thread of 1 mm width embedded in note.
2001-12-12 : A 3mm Starwide Cleartext Thread with a curved line monogram along security strip.
2005-11-15 : A 3mm Starchrome Thread with RS 500 interspaced with butterfly motif along security strip.
Micro-printing background pattern.
UV Printing: Front: Serial Numbers in Green. A rectangular highlight large numeric 500 upper left of center, in Green and after 1995 with additional UV printing of blanked decorate below in Yellow. Back: Highlight of kingfisher and divided leaves and decorative radial of background sky behind Stupa. s.

Watermark Lion from national Flag standing facing left with sword in right paw, outlined darker than paper. 2005-11-15 CornerStones
Printer Thomas de la rue
Size 150 x 75 mm
Date of Issue started in 1991
Printed Years 1991-2006

UV Printing

Sequrity Thread

Deno. Date on
Finance Minister CBSL Governor First Serial # Mintage
in K
Rs.500 1991-01-01 D.B.Wijethunga H.N.S.Karunatillake H/1 000001 20,000 Z/5
Rs.500 1992-07-01 D.B.Wijethunga H.B.Disanayaka H/21 000001 16,000 Z/5
Rs.500 1995-11-15 C.B.Kumaratunga A.S.Jayawardena H/37 000001 35,000 Z/5
Blanked Emblem
Rs.500 2001-12-12 K.N. Choksy A.S.Jayawardena H/72 000001 15,000 Z/5
Wide Security – Geometric
Rs.500 2004-04-10 Sarath Amunugama A.S.Jayawardena H/87 000001 10,000 Z/5
Rs.500 2004-07-01 Sarath Amunugama Sunil Mendis H/97 000001 15,151 Z/5
Wide Security – Text
Rs.500 2005-11-19 Mahinda Rajapaksa Sunil Mendis H/112 151001 55,000 Z/5

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